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Jul. 9—While on a fire run with life-threatening consequences, two Romulus firefighters were in critical need of additional rescue units, but a group of police officers stepped in and helped save the life of an unconscious patient.

It might sound rather unusual for a fire department to award certificates of appreciation to its police officers, but that is exactly what the Romulus Fire Department did for several officers who stepped up and made themselves available during a crisis.

With the additional fire unit across town engaged in another event, the police officers answer the call just before 2 a.m. on Feb. 17.

Upon their arrival, the firefighters found the unresponsive patient with labored respirations in a bathtub.

Due to the tight space and only two firefighters on the scene, the officers assisted the firemen moving the patient from the bathtub into the living room.

Once there, the fire crew provided advanced life-support medical interventions.

The department said the situation called for numerous important actions, including:

—Cardiac monitoring

—Intravenous therapy

—EMS medication administration

—Oxygen therapy, including manual respirations

—Vital sign assessments

While fire crews performed the life-saving interventions, police personnel continued to assist in the following ways:

—Providing flashlights so the fire crew could see

—Grabbing additional equipment and supplies from the ambulance outside

—Helped crew transport the patient down 3 flights of steps to the stretcher in front of the apartment building

—Gathered patient information from family on scene

—Assisted later arriving crews with scene clean-up

According to the Fire Department, the patient had a positive outcome.

The patient was alert and oriented by the time of arrival at the hospital.

In a formal recognition of their efforts, the Fire Department acknowledged that this situation could have had a dire ending had it not been for the officers — and they deemed it necessary to recognize those officers who made sure that didn’t happen.

Certificates of Appreciation went out to:

—Police Officer Christopher Koziara — serving the community for seven years

—Police Officer Timothy Shank — serving the community for four years

—Police Officer Callum Gibbs — serving the community for two years

—Police Officer Solomon Greene — serving the community for two years

—Police Officer River Grishaber — serving our community for fifteen months

—Police Officer Marcus Matheson — serving our community for four months

Members of the fire department referred to it as a great show of the ‘power of teamwork.”

The mix of the seniority of the officers was noted during their recognition.

Police Chief Robert Pfannes was sold whatever he is doing with this department, to keep it up.


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