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CPAP: From the Beginning Until Now

Although originally intended to treat prehospital patients in pulmonary edema resulting from heart failure, CPAP is now indicated for virtually any condition resulting in significant dyspnea accompanied by signs and symptoms of increased work of breathing.

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Assessing Acute Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath, or dyspnea, results from air hunger, a sensation that you’re not getting enough air. Here’s how to spot a patient with increased work of breathing, an important assessment for an EMS provider evaluating a patient with dyspnea.

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Breathe It All In

Thorough Assessment is Crucial in Patients with Respiratory Distress By Dennis Edgerly A 48-year-old male sits in his bedroom, sitting up and leaning forward. As you approach him, he tells you he can’t catch his breath. He’s in obvious distress, but is able to tell you his shortness of breath began this morning and has [...]

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