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As a kid growing up in Fort Worth, Texas I had little interest in ambulances or medicine. I do remember one thing about the ambulances in the late 1960s in that they always had signs on the side that stated “oxygen equipped” in big letters.

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Pediatric BIPAP

Pediatric BIPAP

Deployment of CPAP and BIPAP in EMS has evolved over the last decade and is arguably first line intervention for acute respiratory distress for multiple adult populations. Despite these advances, we have left children behind for no reason. Pediatric patients are well known for their ability to compensate until respiratory arrest, without a declining period, [...]

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A Systematic Approach to Capnography Waveforms

A Systematic Approach to Capnography Waveforms

Capnography was first proposed for use in the operating room in 1978 and has since become the standard of care for monitoring ventilation.1 Capnography is rapidly growing in use for intubated and non-intubated applications across hospital environments including the ICU, resuscitation, procedural sedation, and postoperative monitoring of patients receiving opioid analgesia. 1,2 When used appropriately, [...]

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EMS Capnography Video Series

Episode 3: Waveform Assessment

In this video, Troy Valente examines Waveform Assessment & High ETCO2.​

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