An Argument for BLS CPAP

Barriers to CPAP adoption by BLS providers are finally falling, and BLS use of CPAP is now supported by the 2019 National EMS Scope of Practice Model.

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Insert an Oropharyngeal Airway

Insert an Oropharyngeal Airway

Learn the history of the oropharyngeal airway (OPA) and review how to size the OPA for the patient, as well as the correct way to insert this basic, and effective, airway adjunct.

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Assessing Acute Shortness of Breath

Assessing Acute Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath, or dyspnea, results from air hunger, a sensation that you’re not getting enough air. Here’s how to spot a patient with increased work of breathing, an important assessment for an EMS provider evaluating a patient with dyspnea.

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