What is Capnography?

The word “capnography” is derived from a Latin twist based on an original Greek concept. The Greeks first wrote about combustion centers throughout the body that they said released a byproduct called “Kapnos,” or in Latin, “Capnos”; both are words for “smoke.” What the Greeks called “combustion,” we now call metabolism and what they called “smoke,” [...]

Waveform Assessment & High ETCO2

Capnography is the only tool in the universe that is non-invasive, in real time and simultaneously assesses a patient’s airway patency, quality of breathing, perfusion/shock status and metabolic state.  How does it work?  What does the waveform tell you vs. the number?  The waveform tells you about the airway and everything else is determined by [...]

Pulse Oximetry, ETCO2 and PaCO2

While quantitative waveform capnography and pulse oximetry are both infrared technologies and may seem like similar measurements, they assess very different things.  Capnography is a direct measurement of ventilation and, indirectly, circulatory and metabolic status.  Pulse oximetry measures the color of the hemoglobin (Hgb) molecule and then uses mathematic algorithms to estimate the percent of [...]