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Gina Farquharson, RRT-NPS, MBA, MS, CPPS is a registered respiratory therapist and paramedic instructor in Massachusetts and teaching capnography for almost 20 years.  She is currently a senior consultant for Capnography at Medtronic.

Glen Keating is an airway enthusiast from Columbus, Ohio. Glen is paramedic in charge of quality improvement for a suburban EMS system north of Columbus and spent 11 years as a respiratory therapist at a Level-One trauma center in Columbus. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in emergency medical care from Eastern Kentucky University and is an Ohio EMS Instructor with a special focus on airway and ventilation management. He is the owner of PreHospital Elements, LLC., an EMS education and quality improvement firm based in Ohio.

Greg Chapman, BS, RRT, CCEMT-P, is a faculty member of the International Prehospital Medicine Institute and Director of the Center for Prehospital Medicine at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Gregory K. Spratt, BS, RRT, CPFT is the Director of Market Development at Medtronic.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, UTHSC Department of Emergency Medicine, Memphis, TN

Jake Weinstein is the chief learning officer at medicalednow.com, a continuing education company focused on EMS and nursing. He is a hospitalist NP in Denver, Medical Director for Revive IV Bars and adjunct faculty at University of Northern Colorado. His background includes flight medicine, cardiac surgery ICU and consulting services. Contact him at [email protected].

Jason Haag is the assistant chief of operations for Finger Lakes Ambulance and the owner of Medivation, LLC. He has more than 20 years of fire and EMS experience and management experience in EMS billing. He started as an EMT in 2003 and advanced to the paramedic level in 2006. In 2008, Jason studied at the University of Maryland Baltimore College to obtain a certification in critical care transport. Jason worked as a CCEMT-P since 2008 and has experience transporting critically ill patients utilizing ventilators, IV pumps, advanced pharmacology, and RSI. He was an EMS supervisor from 2010-2018. Jason successfully earned his CIC certification and teaches for many agencies across New York. He also speaks at conferences, hosts classes, and coordinates educational offerings. Jason continues his EMS advocacy through his active involvement with Finger Lakes Regional EMS Council, NY SEMSCO, Wayne County ALS, AHA instructing, NASEMSE and NAEMT. His involvement with Geneva Fire Department, Boy Scouts, Masons, Rotary, and Ducks Unlimited occupy his days after his daily family time with his wife Jami and son Gavin.

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine

Associate Director, Prehospital and Disaster Medicine

University Hospitals, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Jeff Frankel is the managing editor of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, UTHSC Department of Emergency Medicine, Memphis, TN

Emergency Medicine

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